We have been bringing added value to forests and forest owners since 1912. Our experienced advisors can help you – regardless of whether you want to maximise revenues or promote hunting or nature values.

Forest management

When we manage your forest, we help you develop your forest property to ensure that it reaches its full potential. We take care of everything concerning your forest ownership, so your ownership is free from worries. We bring added value to forests and forest owners!

Regardless of whether you are a new owner, whether you are a co-owner together with others, or whether you have owned forest for a long time, we at Skogssällskapet can help you make sure your ownership is simpler, more profitable, and more enjoyable. We have broad expertise in forest, nature conservation, finance, property issues, hunting and game management. We see the unique potential of your forest property, and help you maximise the economic, ecological and social values.

Owning forest should be simple, and we make sure that it is. We look at your objectives and goals, interests and circumstances, and tailor the silviculture and the financial planning accordingly. We take care of the entire chain, so you have nothing to worry about. In the event of storms or insect damage, we ensure that, as a management client, you get help quickly. Thanks to our independent role in the market, our work revolves around your forest and your objectives, not on ensuring a supply of raw materials for industry.


Our forest management services are priced as a fixed monthly fee that depends on the size of the property, and variable business-based charges.

Our management services

By entering into a management agreement with us, we ensure that your forest ownership is safe, simple and rewarding. We cover all aspects of forest ownership, with the following included in our standard offer:

Discussion of objectives

We work from your unique circumstances, and help you formulate objectives and goals for your forest ownership. This enables us to plan the forestry to ensure that it fits in with your long-term objectives.

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Forest Strategy

Is the forestry sustainable? How will the forest develop over time? What will be left when the children take over the forest? Forestry is a long-term process, but forestry plans only extend ten years into the future. To give answers in a longer perspective, we provide you with a forest strategy, which in addition to long-term analyses also gives objective suggestions for activities.

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The annual budget is our tool for presenting proactive proposals for the following year’s activities and budgeted financial outcomes. The budget is based on your unique circumstances and objectives, and the long-term forest strategy.

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Accounting and bookkeeping, incl. client funds account

Tired of handling all those invoices? We open a client funds account for you, for all forest-related revenues and expenses. You can always keep an eye on the current balance and transactions on My Pages, which also include monthly balance sheets and financial summaries. You have access to a financial consultant for financial advice regarding your forest property.

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Liquidity planning

The forest activities must be planned together with financial aspects, to ensure that everything flows as smoothly as possible. We work with quarterly liquidity planning. We plan a suitable buffer in your client funds account, based on what is appropriate for your business.

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Forest insurance

For many forest owners, insurance is important for security. We ensure that your forest is insured.

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We tailor and plan silviculture in your forest, including forestry activities, felling, conservation measures and road maintenance. We commission skilled contractors, we are constantly looking for ways to improve, and we always manage the forest in accordance with certification provisions.

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Selling wood

We have no ownership interests in the forestry sector. We are on your side and propose wood sales that, in the long term, are favourable to you as forest owner. We are flexible in how we handle wood transactions, and adapt the business form to prevailing market conditions and long-term strategies.

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We work to ensure sustainable forestry, both economic, ecological and social, and an important part of this is certification. Demand for certified raw materials is growing all the time. By connecting to our group certificate, we ensure that your forest is managed according to the certification regulations, and handle all administration regarding certification.

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Keeping the forest management plan up to date

Right decisions require the right information. We ensure that your forest management plan is kept up to date. What has been done where, when and how, and what the next activity is. We also update the forest management plan annually, incorporating the growth in each year.

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Meetings and continual communication

We know that communication is one of the most important aspects of a forest owner feeling secure about their forestry management. We are flexible, and meet you when, where and how it suits you, and we ensure that you receive continual communication about what is happening in the forest.

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Do you lack the time to keep an eye on your forest property? Does it create stress, wondering about whether trees have blown over in the storm? Stop worrying! We keep an eye on your forest, and detect any damage, and review the forest holding once a year in preparation for the budget.

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Annual report

Every year, you receive a compilation of everything that has taken place in the previous year, together with a profit and loss statement and a balance sheet. Our client funds account also includes a financial statement. The compilation provides useful information for your tax return – something we can also help you with.

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Tenure management

It is not easy to keep track of all the regulations, agreement types and market levels for the different tenures associated with forest ownership. We provide a professional and commercial management of your tenures. We keep a close eye on regulations, practices and the market. Our standard offer includes continual management of your tenures, with a fixed fee per tenure.

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Additional services

Our forest management service makes it easy to own forest. We can also help you with:

  • Tax returns and tax planning
  • Investment in new forest
  • Game management

Do you want to know more about our goal-related management?

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Did you know that...

... Skogssällskapet is a foundation that works for sustainable forest management and nature conservation?

... every year, we allocate our profits to research and knowledge development? Today, we are one of the biggest funders of research and development in Sweden in the fields of forests and nature conservation.